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Sunday Morning in Montclair

On the weekends, ADinLOS try to take a trip to one of Essex County’s incredible parks. Many of which are famously designed, including Brookdale Park. Designed by the same firm that designed Central Park; Brookdale Park combines verdurous landscapes, gardens, sporting fields, and two great dog park full of ramps, jumps, toys, and dogs. Unfortunately, Sake doesn’t understand it’s purpose and hangs around us as if someone might eat her if she stretches too far. Seyval unintentionally intimidates the other dogs with her enthusiasm. After a stretch of time without visiting the park we took a chance that Sake’s disposition towards dog parks had changed. Not a chance. Still, it was a beautiful, warm, September day. Sake met a few new wonderful dogs, we met a few new wonderful people, and got to enjoy Brookdale Park’s Chalk Walk.

Montclair (2)

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Afterwards, we strolled around Church Street, did some window shopping and ate brunch at Raymond’s. Our favorite time to hit the street is Sunday morning. It’s not too crowded, stores are just opening up, and brunch. Church St is amazing on it’s own, but the French Toast at Raymond’s puts it on another level. How they make French Toast on a baguette so soft, light, sweet, and crunchy all at the same time is anyone’s guess (we have ours).

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Montclair (1)


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If you haven’t been to Church Street in Montclair, this time of year is our favorite time to go. It has a bit of everything, and if it doesn’t, it’s right around the corner.

Sake and Sandy Hook

ADinLOS loves the outdoors. In the fall, we hike. In the winter, we bundle up, and hike.  In the fall, we hike. In the summer, we go to the beach.  Whether it’s our favorite because of proximity or the clear water, Sandy Hook is our favorite. The only problem with the beach is, most aren’t dog friendly. Saturday, Sake spends the afternoon with Lissette’s mother and Seyval, outside in the garden, getting pampered with treats…pacing and waiting for us to get home.

Sandy Hook is a federal park, which has it’s benefits, and it’s deterrents.  ADinLOS generally follows the rules, and when a federal park says no dogs until Labor Day, we’re not going to mess with it.

While the Summer was atypically cool, September was atypically warm and we got a few good trips in.

Up early, packed jobs finished, we’re at the beach 45 minutes later.Perfect skies, cool sand, tepid water, and an empty beach, it’s almost like the day was prepping for Sake’s return. Armed with her flying tortilla chip (ChuckIt® Heliflight) Sake is ready to play for hours. Throw after throw, she tracks it down, pounces, and retrieves (sometimes more gracefully than others.) A quick lunch break, and she’s back for more. A quick swim, back for more. Finally…she lets us know she’s done.


Sake Beach

And to our pleasure, the day ended as well as it began, a nice glass of wine, Sake curled up in our lap, and a picturesque sunset over the bay.

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