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Water Logged

My grandfater was particularly fond of using idioms and proverbs to express his emotions. ‘You can catch more flies with honey than you can with vinegar’ and ‘the squeaky wheel gets the grease’ being two of his favorites. At ADinLOS, we are typically a pretty upbeat group, but sometimes we are tested. This last vacation reminded was one of those time which reminded me of another of my grandfather’s favorite’s.

ADinLOS was hoping to share abundant pictures of the idyllic St. Lawrence River. Instead, we spent the previous week rebounding from an abnormally wet week. Sake is only now beginning to come around.

As a two person pet sitting team, we rarely get more than a week vacation. So this trip means a lot. ADinLOS makes a yearly trip to the Thousand Islands Region. The area is incredible for anyone who needs a week away from city life. There’s something for everyone; fishing, boating, wine tasting, golf, castles, pirates, camping, stargazing, and more.

We camp at Grass Point State Park, site 69, every time. Less than 100 feet from one of the river’s amazing coves; we relish the chance to read a book, trek on a kayak, and enjoy s’mores by the campfire.

The week before we left, we did what we always do. Check the weather until our eyes sore and our fingers blister. What shone through more than anything was the arrival of the ‘Super Moon’ and the Perseids meteor shower. Not some shoddy weather.

Day 1 – Arrive

August 11th, 8 am, all packed and ready to go, we set out. Blue skies, fluffy clouds, and 80 degrees all the way up, perfect! With no traffic, we arrive in enough time to set-up, grocery shop, relax, and enjoy the sunset over the river. An impeccable first day.

Sake, a sunset, and the St. Lawrence

Sake, a sunset, and the St. Lawrence

Day 2 – Relax

Around 7 am, most of the adults are moving about, which to Sake’s chagrin means she is forced to as well. A few pancakes and some french press coffee later, a consensus on the days activities is forming. After a long day yesterday, spending the day relaxing by the river sounds better and better.

Mullet Creek Bay is nestled alongside 5 or 6 small islands and Rock Island Lighthouse. Each small island is just large enough to fit a large home to make anyone envious. Maybe Sake has an incredible memory, or maybe our body language changes. Either way, Sake’s demeanor turns from grouchy 6 year old, to sprightly puppy, ready to take on the river. New floating Heliflight in hand, Sake paddles out over and over again. If you haven’t tried anything from ChuckIt!, try them. They may be a bit pricey, but they are well constructed, highly visible, and most float.

Day 2 ended as nicely as it began, wading in the river, a big campfire and a eerily full moon.

Sake fetches in the St. Lawrence

Day 3 – Rain

Ready for an early day of golf at the Thousand Islands Golf Club Lake Course, I left the rest of ADinLOS behind and enjoyed what were soon to be the last remaining moments of sunshine. Golf is vastly different in upstate New York than Montclair. Courses are empty, greens are pristine, and the price are low. I even shot well, which is a huge upside. Almost immediately upon returning, Mother Nature reared her ugly head. Patiently…we wait for the clouds to clear. Instead, they turn to rain.

The last remaining glimpses of sunshine

Day 4 – More Rain

Luckily, Day 3’s rain did not spill into the night. Only if it stayed at bay for Day 4. Content to wait out the storm, we begin to contemplate options. Run…hide…Embrace? We’re sticking it out one more day grilling and playing games under our small canopy.

They day's entertainment...feeding our new friend Gerald

They day’s entertainment, feeding our new friend Gerald

Day 5 – Even More Rain

In case you could foresee the trend, Day 5 brought more rain. The only difference is that, the rain began to stick around all day. Checking the forecast constantly, ADinLOS carefully chose our opportunities. Off to Clayton, Alexandria Bay, and Sackets Harbour.

Allare great little towns with shops, tours, and restaurants. Both are going through big changes due to the increase in tourism. And best of all, both are pet friendly.

The past few years we have gone during Bill Jonhston’s Pirate Days. It’s a lot of fun watching everyone dress up as a pirate and reenacting pirate scenes. One of the good parts about rainy days, is we get to try new restaurants. A particularly favorite pastime of ADinLOS.

Joining our old favorite, Bell’s are the Wood Boat Brewing Company and Seaway Grille in Clayton, and the Dockside Pub in Alexandria Bay.

Wood Boat makes delicious unique pizza’s. And The Seaway Grill is in a brand new hotel, set on the river with modern upscale food and a good wine list.

Dinner in Sackets Harbour

Day 6 – Rain Again

With our best chance at a nice day for the rest of the week, we’re prepared to take the ferry to Kingston, Canada. Kingston reminds us of a larger version of Montclair. Great restaurants, local shops and markets, and theater. There’s probably much more to do, but in so little time, this is what we have time to see.

First time on the fire. Right out of the gate, something for Sake! Urban Paws Downtown is a family owned store with an awesome mix of local handmade products and premium food and accessories.

A fantastic lunch at Blu Martini, a stroll through the shops, and a threat of rain later…back on the ferry. All in all, a nice trip, but too short.

Just one of Kingston's many cool local stores, Urban Paws

Just one of Kingston’s many cool local stores, Urban Paws

Day 7 – Rain, Rain, Rain

On a much less wise decision, we attempt to take a ferry to Singer Castle, built in the early 1900’s by a Singer Sewing machine executive. We’ve been to Boldt Castle many times, but Singer is a bit far out. As expected, it rained halfway through.

Rainy Trip to Singer Castle

Rainy Trip to Singer Castle

Day 8 – Rain, Rain, Go Away

One more full day, one more day of rain. Hit the gazebo, crack open a bottle of wine, relaxed to the pitter patter of the rain as Sake curled up in our laps.

Hiding from the rain under our 'personal' gazebo

Hiding from the rain under our ‘personal’ gazebo

Day 9 – Depart (Sunshine)

We can always expect a storm or two, but seven of 9 drenched days is remarkably cruel. Yet, ADinLOS still made the best of it. Most people including my grandfather, will remind you that when life hands you lemons, make lemonade. I’d rather stick them in a Corona bottle and enjoy a game of Uno with friends and family.

Sunshine at last

Final day packing and driving home in the sunshine