Saying Goodbye

We lost a member of our family the other day.

As pet parents we recognize the finite relationship we have with our pets. Yet the day always hits too soon, we mourn, heal, remember, and begin the journey again with a spriteful new companion. Many people don’t understand why we put ourselves through the torment, knowing there is little our pets will outlive us. But, the prospect of building another wonderful relationship is what always brings us back. Asking a pet parent which pet was their favorite is much like asking a real parent about their children. They are all amazing for different reasons.
Unfortunately, for our good friends, this too soon experience, happened too soon. Five years young, a dear friend of the family lost Noah, a beautiful Pitt Bull & Boxer mix.

Noah was a good dog. A little rambunctious, but more importantly, a good friend.
Monday morning, they noticed Noah was not feeling well, and as most of us would do, let her be. After all, it’s pretty frequent that our pets have an irritable stomach. Simple diet change, the wrong food fell on the floor, or merely rummaging through something bad outside. We’d love to monitor everything, but it’s impossible.
A few hours later, expecting a vivid return to action they returned home to find Noah still not feeling well. On the morning of the next day, still no better. Upon closer inspection, you could see visible signs, more than discomfort. Yellow skin & gums.
Off to the vet.
After a series of tests, what we found out next was shocking. The symptoms were much more serious than we could imagine.
Leptosiris is an infection transmitted through consuming infection urine. More than likely due to a raccoon, opossum, or rat urinating in a puddle or on some grass. Noah then scoured up an afternoon snack leading to her gravely unfortunate situation. It could have happened anywhere, even on a walk.

The worst part is, it is almost always fatile. In this case, it was.
5 years young, years too soon.
We will miss you Noah. Rest in peace.

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