Lissette Tapanes Lissette

Mother to her precious kids and pets; she is the most experienced pet sitter and dog walker in the Montclair area with over 20 years of experience. Not only is pet sitting a profession which she devotes the utmost care and expertise, but she truly loves and enjoys bonding with animals.

Growing up, Lissette lived on a farm and was surrounded by all types of animals, from pigs, chickens, and goats to dogs and cats. Because of this, she learned at an early age that every pet has different likes and dislikes and will cater to their unique personalities.

Lissette is a familiar face having trained many pet sitters and dog walkers in the community and frequently can be found walking around downtown Montclair.

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"MPC has been taking care of Sniffles, our Lop Eared rabbit, since he was a little bunny. He clearly loves when Lissette comes over with a carrot in her back pocket! There's no doubt that MPC is the right pet sitter for us." 

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