Daily Dog Walk

Don’t feel guilty about leaving your hound home alone while you are at work

Daily dog walks are a great way to make sure your dog gets exercise and fresh air. Walks are up to 30 minutes long Monday through Friday between 10 AM and 2 PM. If you and your pooch are up to it, maybe an occasional trek through the park.

Puppy not up for a full walk? Montclair Pet Care loves to play with and exercise with Fido at a young and mature age.

$25 per visit (Rates vary based on the number of canines and special requests)

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Other Services

Pet Sitting
30 minute long visit while you are out and about

Piddle Stop 
10 minute long walk for Fluffy while you are at work



“I can’t believe I ever left Sam alone without Montclair Pet Care. They were so wonderful, from their reliability to their attention to detail. I will never leave him alone again.” 

Happy Pets

Happy Sam the Dog