Pet Sitting

Loving pet care right in the comfort of your own home

Our pet sitting visits are 30 minutes long and we can check-in with the same unrivaled care up to four times per day. MPC watches fish, birds, cats, dogs, rodents, reptiles (and any other domesticated animal). Visits include love, attention, walks, feeding, fresh water, clean litter boxes, and medications (including shots). We respect your home with the same first-class, peerless care as you provide for your cherished pets.

$25 per visit (Rates vary based on the number of pets and special requests)

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Other Services

Piddle Stop
10 minute long visit while you are out and about

Daily Dog Walk 
30 minute long walk for Fluffy while you are at work



“We used to leave our pets with a kennel when we went on holiday, until a friend told us about Montclair Pet Care. Now Norbert actually prefers when we go on vacation.” 

Happy Pets

Happy Norbert the Dragon