Piddle Stop

Ideal for older dogs that don’t want to walk far but can’t hold it in all day

The MPC Piddle Stop is a 10 minute Monday through Friday walk for man (and woman)’s best friend. Still providing premier warmth, this quick walk is perfect when your mutt just needs a check-in and not a full visit.

The Piddle Stop is also great on your wallet.

$20 per visit (Rates vary based on the number of canines and special requests)

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Other Services

Pet Sitting
30 minute long visit while you are out and about

Daily Dog Walk 
30 minute long walk for Fluffy while you are at work



“Most people take pet sitting for granted thinking all pets are the same. Not Montclair Pet Care. We have two English Labrador Retrievers with very particular diets. MPC knew just how to take care of them. What a relief!”  

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